Learn Language Hoboken

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At Learn Language Hoboken we love when students begin learning a new language. We’ve been helping students learn the beautiful Italian language for the past five years at our location in Hoboken – along with several other languages. Not only do we teach language, but we also offer immersion into the diverse cultures of each country where the primary languages are spoken. To learn a language it takes more than just speaking words. When learning Italian, for instance, the culture of Italy certainly impacts the language spoken. And when speaking Italian, you can’t truly immerse yourself until you understand the importance that food has on the Italian culture.

Food, for Italians, is a way to celebrate the every day with family and friends. In the U.S., we tend to think of meals as more of a necessity, rather than a relaxing time to unwind – eating in our cars on the way from one appointment to the next or grabbing a protein bar at our desk while we finish a project that’s on a deadline. In other countries, especially Italy, meals are taken more seriously. It’s not just about enjoying the delicious food and drink, but about taking a break and connecting with people; it’s truly more of a social event.

At Learn Language Hoboken, we believe in understanding the nuances of what makes a culture unique, and most often, that includes the cuisine. That’s why we enjoy hosting cultural trips and events to give our students a “taste” of the cultural experience using all the senses.

Join us as Learn Language Hoboken hosts our next cultural trip to EATALY (World Trade Center) in NYC on Saturday, April 29th. Click here to register today and join us for a fun, mini-lesson while enjoying some delicious Italian delicacies!