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In French, the term amour fou means “insane love,” and that’s certainly how the French feel about their famous cuisine! France is home to a renowned culinary scene and there are many dishes that are quintessentially French. As you learn to speak French, some words you’re sure to encounter are:
Coq au vin, a chicken fricassee cooked in red wine, mushrooms and garlic.
Crêpes, a thin, flat pancake typically stuffed with fruit or cream.
Baguette is a long, French bread loaf.
Crème Brûlée is a dessert of custard topped with caramel that’s been hardened.​

The French truly believe that meals and enjoying delicious foods are an immense pleasure in life. French food is influenced by region and includes some delicious staples like bread, cheese, and wine.

​In France, you see various shops for each specific item, unlike in the U.S, where we get all our goods at a “supermarket.” The French typically purchase fresh food daily at “la Boulangerie” (bakery), “la Boucherie” (butcher shop), and “la Fromagerie” (cheese shop). Many French foods are known for their rich flavors, but most French people eat bread, wine and cheese daily – the simple things in life are sometimes the most delicious!

Let’s discover how each dietary staple is incorporated into the French way of life:
Fresh bread, made with only three ingredients – flour, yeast, and salt – is typically eaten for breakfast also known as a “tartine” which is a slice of bread with butter and/or jam and a cup of café (coffee), which is served strong, or a café au lait (coffee served with hot milk).

Cheese is a principal in the French diet, especially since there are over 400 distinct kinds of cheeses made in France, from cow, goat and ewe milk. Some names you might recognize are Blue, Roquefort, Boursin and Brie. Fun fact, the average person living in France consumes 45 pounds of cheese per year!

Everyone knows that France is famous for their wine, which is typically served with dinner. Some of the wonderful types of wines made in France include Chardonnay and Merlot, plus Champagne, the traditional drink enjoyed during celebrations.

At Learn Language Hoboken, we believe that part of learning a new language is understanding the nuances of what makes a specific culture unique, and most often, that includes the cuisine. That’s why we enjoy hosting cultural trips and events to give our students a “taste” of the cultural experience using all the senses.

The best way to learn French might be to converse with your peers over a meal of bread, wine, and cheese! Join us as Learn Language Hoboken hosts our next cultural trip to LE DISTRICT (World Trade Center) in NYC on June 10th, 2017. Click here to register today and join us for a fun, mini-lesson while enjoying some wonderful French foods!