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italian language journey

For our Italian at Heart series, we’ve taken 3 of our devoted LLH students and highlighted their journey on how and why they started learning a language with us all the way to their trip to Italy together!

Here were the initial questions that prompted this post:
1. What sparked your desire to learn Italian?
2. Why did you choose Learn Language Hoboken?
3. How was your experience learning Italian at LLH?
4. Tell us about our trip to Italy.
5. How did learning Italian enhance your experience in Italy?​

Janine’s Story

Three years ago, I was bored with my routine and wanted to learn something different, but useful. I thought studying a language would be a really fun and challenging activity, and also a way to meet new people. When I was in college, I took Italian classes in preparation for a summer study abroad program in Urbino, Italy. While I was in Italy, the art history classes I took were taught in English, but I loved being able to use what I had learned in Italian class to speak to the locals in town. I decided to take Italian classes again at LLH because I am part Italian (on my mom’s side) and because I had desire to return to Italy someday.

I found Learn Language Hoboken through a simple Google search. I was only expecting to find language schools in Manhattan, but was pleasantly surprised to see that LLH was conveniently located near my home in Hoboken.

I met Angie on my very first day of Beginner Level 1 and we made it all the way through Advanced Level 4 together. Along the way, we met Nikki and made other friends! Alberto (our teacher) made class fun and really made sure we understood all of the lessons. Honestly, Alberto and the people in class made me look forward to coming every week.

Angie, Nikki, and I decided we wanted to take a trip to Italy together after our last class ended. It had been 13 years since I had been to Italy and I was really looking forward to going back and putting my Italian language skills to use. We explored Rome, Positano, Capri, and Naples. We ate the most delicious food, enjoyed lots of vino, and had lots of laughs! Since I studied art history in college, one of the works on my must-see bucket list was Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. While visiting Milan on this trip, I was finally able to see it person and it was incredible.

We greeted everyone in Italian each day and insisted they speak to us in Italian, even when they knew we were American. By the end of a few days in Positano, we had met a lot of residents and greeted them warmly. Together, we had quite an extensive knowledge of the language which was helpful when one of us forgot a word. Traveling to Italy with new friends and speaking the language only deepened my desire to continue learning and practicing the language.

Angie’s Story

I grew up in a small town here in NJ where 95% of the population were Italian-Americans, the type who bore the tri-colored flag emblem on the back of their cars and argued over whether it’s sauce or gravy. I, too, have always been proud to be an Italian-American, yet inside I knew how being able to speak the language would really legitimize my claim. This lifelong sentiment, along with a period in my life where I really needed the distraction, led me to embark on this endeavor.

I was pleasantly surprised when my Google search for a language school dropped a pin in the basement of the Citadel building on 7th Street. Hoboken is an ideal little city with authentic Italian roots making learning the language here a fitting scenario.

I have spent more or less every single Tuesday the past (almost 4) years with Alberto and class learning and practicing Italian. I can’t imagine what life would be like without this class; it’s grown into such a constant in my life. We have all become such close friends and frequently enjoy doing “Italian” activities together.

The two-weeks in Italy was such an adventure. We saw so much, ate so well, and enjoyed the golden sun each and everyday. The country is as beautiful as it’s language.

Being able to converse with the Italians, even if not at an advanced level (which I strive for), really gave us an “in” with the locals. We transcended from being mere tourists, and meeting and talking with the Italians became such an enjoyable ​part of the trip.

Nikki’s Story

My family is Italian and my mother speaks fluently, but because my father (who was also Italian-American) didn’t speak the language, we spoke English at home. Growing up around Italians speaking at all of our get-togethers and from hearing my mother speak I understood the language, but never knew how to “technically” speak. I have always been proud of my Italian heritage and I love all things Italian, so my desire to speak the language came naturally.

I had just moved to Hoboken in the summer of 2015 and knew very few people so I wanted a way to meet people while doing something that was fun and interesting to me. I googled Italian classes in New York City, not knowing that there would be one so close to home! I found LLH through a google search and saw on the website that an Italian class was beginning shortly. It was Intermediate Italian 1, but because I had studied Italian in college I figured that it shouldn’t be a problem. Once I had gotten in contact with the school, I set up a telephone conversation with Alberto so he could assess where I was in terms of skills and gave me the go-ahead to sign up for the class (Grazie, Alberto)!

I cannot say enough good things about my experience of learning Italian at LLH. Alberto is truly one of a kind. He is an amazing teacher and so much more than that. He’s just an all-around great person! Alberto sincerely cares about his students and has made my Tuesday nights more enjoyable. I have made amazing friends from learning Italian at LLH and have gained experiences that I never would have, had I not taken classes here.

The trip to Italy was such a memorable one! We had so much fun and packed so much into our time there. We really wanted and tried to experience Italy like real Italians by staying in Airbnb’s, speaking the language, trying to connect with the locals, and by immersing ourselves in the culture (no cappuccinos after breakfast, but gelato any time of the day!!). We did a lot of eating, sightseeing, hiking, shopping, spent time at the beach and on the water, and made sure to check all of our must-do items off the list. We met up with another friend, Mark, who we also met through LLH. (Mark was living in Italy at the time for a few months.) We even met Adam Sandler in Positano. He complimented our Italian and said he could use our help—all thanks to LLH!

Learning Italian helped us communicate with the locals. The Italians were so impressed with our ability to speak. They were also very patient with us and helped us if we couldn’t find the right words to say or the right way to phrase a sentence. They could see that we were really trying our best and it was much appreciated. I believe that knowing Italian gave us a more genuine and authentic experience.