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language journey

Our students have different motives behind embarking on their respective language journeys. We chatted with one of our students to learn more about her experience and how learning a new language has changed her life.

Pelin Avcu moved to New Jersey from Istanbul about 7 years ago and was surprised by how widely Spanish is spoken. Years later, her Peruvian husband became her first Spanish Teacher but she wanted something more structural to dive into this beautiful language and culture.

She loves the friendly and non-competitive vibe at LLH and hasn’t experienced Monday blues since she signed up for Monday night classes with Alex. Pelin says Alex has been a vital part of her language journey, “What I particularly like in his classes is that he never separates language from its context. In a way, his classes feel like traveling to Latin America for 1.5 hours”.

She practices Spanish with her Peruvian family outside the classroom and her love for Spanish and Latin American cinema as well as flamenco and salsa music helps her. Pelin says, “I speak Turkish, English, a little bit of high school German and now Spanish. I’m already thinking what language to learn after I ‘master’ Spanish. To me, learning a new language, just like travelling, is about widening my perspective of the world. It is not about learning how to put a few words together but learning about a new culture, different lives and eventually learning a different perspective to life. I think this is exactly what the world needs; seeing someone else’s perspective.”

We are sure Pelin will master Spanish soon and we wish her all the best for her language journey!