Learn Language Hoboken

language journey

Elizabeth Cohen Ndoye (Liz) is a local Hoboken resident who started learning French with us last year. She started learning French because her husband is a French speaker and she wanted to communicate with his mother and his family and get to know them better.

In her words, her experience at LLH so far has been wonderful. Liz says “I love my teacher, Rita she is knowledgeable and dynamic. She makes each class really engaging”. According to Liz her Teacher, Rita, engages her in French conversation to facilitate rapid learning.

Liz’s husband helps her practice outside the classroom and she thinks the textbook used in class is also helpful. For Liz, learning a new language makes her feel more alive and excited on a daily basis. Liz says, “I can feel my brain cells firing”.

We wish Liz all the best for her language journey!