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language journey

Lucia Almeida has been taking Private Italian lessons with our teacher Rita for almost a year now. She is the co-owner of the Bar Method Hoboken and she has amazed us with her dedication and progress despite her busy schedule. We decided to chat with her to find out more about her language journey.

Lucia has always been fascinated with the Italian language and wanted to learn a 3rd language. She has a love for the Italian language and says she “can literally can spend hours listening to Italians speak.”

When we asked her about her experience here at LLH, Lucia said, “My instructor Rita is amazing! She keeps every lesson unique and personalized to what I’m looking to learn, even if I hate the grammatical part of the lesson. She always keeps me motivated and encourages me to push myself a little bit more. She is also very personable. I absolutely ADORE her!”

When we asked her what’s one challenge when learning a language, she replied “having such a busy schedule, it’s hard to carve out time to practice outside of the classroom. I would love to add at least another day of the week to spend time having a conversation with someone in Italian.” Any takers..?

We also wanted to know if learning a new language has changed her life in any way and we loved her response, “It definitely has! I love pushing myself outside my comfort zone and learning something that is new for me to grasp. It has also showed me that I’m capable of doing anything as long as I set my mind right! #nevergiveup”

You go girl! We are so proud of Lucia for never giving up on her language journey!