Learn Language Hoboken

Happy December, everyone! The temps are dropping and the holidays are right around the corner, making it the perfect time to spread a little cheer.


And you what what makes us especially cheerful? A class full of students ready to dive into a semester of hard work! But we’re not the only ones.


Over the years, we’ve taught hundreds of students. We’ve taught even the most beginner of students how to master a language to completion. And that doesn’t just make us proud, it makes our students proud too. And they’re not afraid to share it.


That’s why we wanted to take a few minutes to not only thank those that have taken our courses, but show others who haven’t pulled the trigger yet just how much of an impact our courses have made.


Here’s one comment from Joseph that really captures that pride and joy.


“My time at Learn Language Hoboken has been one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences of my life. The teachers and the entire LLH family have been so skilled, so supportive, and so professional that the process of taking on a new language has been so much easier and more fun than I ever thought it could. Sign up for a class, it will open a whole new world for you!”


Our students take one course hoping to dive into a new language, maybe learn a few words and prepare for an upcoming trip. But their experiences keep them coming back for more, like Katherine.


“I’m amazed by how much I know after 3 semesters. I highly recommend this school as a fun and friendly place to learn a language.”


But she’s not our only return visitor! Jan has enjoyed her time in our Spanish courses so much she’s been with us for 3 years.


“Been here for three years consecutively and love the little community they’re building. I’ve also come a long way in learning Spanish, from zero to excellent understanding. No tests and fun while learning.”


We offer courses in a variety of languages, from Spanish and Italian to German and Mandarin — and we’re always looking for new languages to add to our roster. Feedback like this from Adam is extremely helpful in helping us shape the future of our school.


“Adam was absolutely wonderful as a teacher for my first German class. His enthusiasm and patience was absolutely outstanding and has encouraged me to continue studying German. While I’m still unsure if I will do a formal lesson this upcoming season, I will absolutely be continuing my studies in the near future. I can not stress enough what a great experience I had learning German 1 these past few weeks. Looking forward to learning more!”


But it’s not just our courses that change lives, our private sessions are perfect too for getting ready for a big moment, like Alyssa did to prepare for her honeymoon.


“Learn Language Hoboken is the best! I took 3 private lessons before my honeymoon in Spain (have previous Spanish language experience) to brush up and it helped immensely. Signed up for two group advanced lessons in December and looking forward to them! Highly recommend.”


We offer a number of different ways for students like you to learn new languages — whether you work best in a small class environment, one-on-one, or in short workshop bursts.


We’re dedicated to transforming the educational experience around learning new languages. We ourselves are growing each and every day, and we hope to continue making an impactful difference in the community.


Learn more about our language courses and sign up for a class today!