Learn Language Hoboken

Boy, it’s been a crazy year so far, hasn’t it? It’s been a whirlwind to experience the changes in how we live, work, and learn in just a few months.


The biggest change for us has been moving our classes entirely online — but we’ve found our groove and our teachers and students are loving it. Not only that, but this experience has afforded us the opportunity to open our classes to other cities and states across the country — something we couldn’t do before.


We’ve always prided ourselves on using language to connect people across cultures and experiences, and now we’re able to do that on an even bigger scale. We couldn’t be happier, but we couldn’t do it without our students.


And there’s one student we really wanted to highlight this semester — Chris Szentmiklosy.


Chris is new to the Learn Language Hoboken family. He’s taking his first class with us this Spring semester and he’s currently enrolled in Spanish Beginner Level 1.


Like we’ve said, we’ve gone fully remote this session, but that’s no obstacle for Chris, who has embraced the remote learning in great fashion.


His motivation for learning a new language? To not only communicate with his mother who speaks Spanish — he grew up with it, but never actually learned it — but also to communicate with the community around him.


Chris grew up in a Latinx town — so he’s intimately familiar with the culture and the people. And recently, he has found that having those Spanish skills would have sure been helpful in communicating with people in and out of work.


But 2020 was the year — he decided to pull the trigger and finally make those dreams a reality. And good thing he did! Because he’s been able to put these language skills to good use, helping others around him during this COVID-19 disruption.


You see, outside of the classroom, Chris volunteers as a first responder. (Thank you, Chris!) And with 6 years of EMT experience under his belt, he was assigned to work at a COVID-19 testing site in Union City, New Jersey — a community that’s heavily Latinx.


Many of the patients he works with only speak Spanish. But thanks to his language classes here at Learn Language Hoboken, he’s now able to walk these patients through the testing process and help answer basic questions.


Talk about a rockstar, right?


In the future, he wants to continue using these language skills for the greater good, but he would also love to use them to travel — as we all would, once this quarantine is over!


He hopes to continue strengthening his skills, and he wanted to give a shoutout to his own Spanish teacher to show his thanks.


“Alex es fantastico!”


We’re so happy to have Chris in class — and we’d love to hear more from our community about your language experiences. 


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