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Lucia Almeida has been taking Private Italian lessons with our teacher Rita for almost a year now. She is the co-owner of the Bar Method Hoboken and she has amazed us with her dedication and progress despite her busy schedule. We decided to chat with her to find out more about her language journey.Lucia has always been fascinated with the Italian language and wanted to learn a 3rd language. She has a love

Elizabeth Cohen Ndoye (Liz) is a local Hoboken resident who started learning French with us last year. She started learning French because her husband is a French speaker and she wanted to communicate with his mother and his family and get to know them better.In her words, her experience at LLH so far has been wonderful. Liz says “I love my teacher, Rita she is knowledgeable and dynamic. She makes each class

Our students have different motives behind embarking on their respective language journeys. We chatted with one of our students to learn more about her experience and how learning a new language has changed her life.Pelin Avcu moved to New Jersey from Istanbul about 7 years ago and was surprised by how widely Spanish is spoken. Years later, her Peruvian husband became her first Spanish Teacher but she wanted something more structural to dive

For our Italian at Heart series, we've taken 3 of our devoted LLH students and highlighted their journey on how and why they started learning a language with us all the way to their trip to Italy together!Here were the initial questions that prompted this post: 1. What sparked your desire to learn Italian? 2. Why did you choose Learn Language Hoboken? 3. How was your experience learning Italian at LLH? 4. Tell us about our trip

In French, the term amour fou means “insane love,” and that’s certainly how the French feel about their famous cuisine! France is home to a renowned culinary scene and there are many dishes that are quintessentially French. As you learn to speak French, some words you’re sure to encounter are: Coq au vin, a chicken fricassee cooked in red wine, mushrooms and garlic. Crêpes, a thin, flat pancake typically stuffed with fruit or cream. Baguette is

At Learn Language Hoboken we love when students begin learning a new language. We’ve been helping students learn the beautiful Italian language for the past five years at our location in Hoboken – along with several other languages. Not only do we teach language, but we also offer immersion into the diverse cultures of each country where the primary languages are spoken. To learn a language it takes more than just speaking words.