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About Alex

Alex is a native Spanish teacher from Honduras, Central America. At the age of twelve he moved to New Jersey, where he learned English and developed his passion for languages and culture. He truly believes that when one visits a country, one should speak to the locals in their native tongue. That’s what he did before visiting Brazil: He studied enough Portuguese in order to get around the South American country.

For Alex, language and culture go hand to hand. Therefore, he thinks his knowledge of Spanish would be nothing if he were not immersed in the culture of Spain and Latin America. Throughout his classes Alex incorporates language, music, literature, folklore, cuisine, cinema, and experiences about the Hispanic world.

Alex has been at Learn Language Hoboken since 2015. Since then, Alex’s number one priority has been that his students receive the best learning experience after a long day at work. His class might be physically located in Hoboken, but while he is teaching, he wants his students to feel as if they were in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, or Mexico City.

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