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Iaria was born and raised in Napoli, the third biggest Italian city located in the southern area of Italy. She moved in New York City in 2009 to complete her PhD study in Microbiology, but upon graduation, she decided to continue living in the US. However, there is no day that passes without her missing her country and hometown. Ilaria is an authentic Neapolitan, she remains attached to her Italian tradition. She loves cooking, eating pizza, taking an “Espresso” coffee break and spending time with her Italian friends for an “aperitivo” or a day at the beach during summer!

When Ilaria first arrived here, she was not fluent in English and took a conversational course at Rockefeller University. She studied hard on her own to learn English as fast as possible, therefore she understands how difficult it can be studying a new language as an adult, but she knows this limit can be overcame. Ilaria strongly believes in the value of learning a new language as it gives one the opportunity to learn about another country and a culture different from their own; it allows making new friends and in some case, it can even support a professional career. “Italian is a language rich in details. When you express actions, thoughts, feelings in Italian you can describe it with any little nuance; the Italian vocabulary is very large and variegated. It’s no surprise that Italian is famous to be a language with very long and elaborate sentences. ”

Why does Ilaria enjoy teaching? “Teaching Italian is an opportunity for me to share my Italian background with others, it is a very interesting experience to explore my first language from another point of view. It is satisfying when at the end you can fluently communicate with your students in Italian!” “The most rewarding experience is to see my students enjoying being in class with me and hear that they want to continue having me as a teacher. ”

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