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About Yiwei

Yiwei was born and raised in Nanjing, China. She studied economics and finance in Tsinghua University in Beijing before moving to New York to get a graduate degree in financial engineering at Columbia University. Despite an education and career in finance, she knows her real passion lies in teaching. She taught ESL course in China’s largest private education institution when in college. And after moving to New York, she has been working remotely with a boutique admission consulting firm in Beijing, mentoring students from elite Chinese colleges to help them get into top graduate schools in North America.

Yiwei is an avid traveler and diligent writer. In 2017, she left her job in an investment bank to travel and write. She runs a Chinese travel blog to share her travel stories with Chinese readers. And by teaching Chinese, she also wishes to convey the beauty of her mother culture to a wide audience in America.

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